Shade Garden Kit photo by Carolyn
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Shade Garden Kit photo by Carolyn

Garden Kit - Shade

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Shade garden kit (flat of 38 2" plugs)

Mix of different species (10 or more) geared towards shade. The native shade plants are a palette of diverse leaf textures. This kit will beautify a shady spot.  Will plant a 4 foot by 10 foot garden space. Comes with design and instructions.

Species may include: Spikenard, White Snakeroot, Columbine, Purple Meadowrue, Foxglove, Woodland Sunflower, Big Leaf Aster, Wild Strawberry, Wood Violet, Spiderwort, Bluestem Goldenrod, Heartleaf Aster.

* Species will vary each sale, you will receive a handout indicating which species are in your garden kit.