Marsh Blazing Star (Liatris spicata)
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Marsh Blazing Star (Liatris spicata)

Marsh Blazing Star (Liatris spicata)

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Moist sandy plains and shores, marshy meadows; wet prairies, fens, tamarack swamps; mucky swales, marly shores, roadsides and fields; unlike other species, rarely in drier oak or jack pine savanna. C. K. Dodge wrote on an 1896 label: “Thousands of acres covered with it about Lake St. Clair.”

Shade Tolerance: Full to part Sun

Moisture: Wet to Moist

Soils: Sand, loam, muck

Height: 2-5 ft.

Bloom Time: July-Sept.

Color: Pink/Purple

Deer Resistant: Yes

Other: Cut flowers; attracts birds.

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