Common Persimmon
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Common Persimmon
Common Persimmon
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Common Persimmon

Common Persimmon

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Diospyros virginiana

In old fields, common persimmon is a low, shrubby tree, 15 ft. tall. In rich, moist soil the species becomes a large tree, up to 100 ft. tall, with a spreading crown and pendulous branches. The large, orange, edible fruit ripens in autumn and attracts wildlife.

It is sometimes used as an ornamental for its hardiness, adaptability to a wide range of soils and climates, and immunity from disease and insects. Moist, well-drained soils provide best conditions but the plant will tolerate hot, dry, poor soils, including various city conditions.

Persimmons are dioecious, meaning there are separate male and female trees, and you need both in order to get fruit.

Current Sale Size: 3-4 ft. bare root transplant. unsexed.

Transplant Establishment Difficulty: High
We do not guarantee plant survival. 

Growth Rate: Slow

Soils: Sand, Loam, Clay

Moisture: Dry to Moist

Shade Tolerance: Full sun to part shade

Mature Height: 30 - 80 ft.

Mature Width: 20 - 35 ft.

Deer Damage Potential: High

Origin: Native to southeastern US

Uses: Fall Color, ornamental, Wildlife, food, fragrance, birds, bees Plant Profile
USDA Plant Profile