Find the Rain Barrel Sales distribution dates and locations, details on picking up your order, and more product instructions on the Rain Barrel pages on our website.
First pick-up date is March 25, 2024 at the WCCD office. 

All Rain Barrels & supplies are available via preorder.
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Rain Barrels

A rain barrel collects and stores rainwater from roofs for later use to water plants and gardens.  Made from recycled food-grade, high density polyethylene plastic barrels.

Bulk discount: Buy multiple barrels of any color /type and the discounts will be applied at checkout.
Save $10, when you get 2 Rain Barrels.
Save $20, when you get 3 Rain Barrels.

"Starter Kit" discount: Get a rain barrel, downspout diverter, & pedestal stand - Save $10. Choose your options here or from product below. Discount applies automatically and will show at checkout. 

You can find more instructions, calculations, and information on rain barrels and accessories on the WCCD website.

275 Gallon Totes

Store even more water for bigger water catchment systems. Made from recycled food-grade, high density polyethylene plastic barrels.

Bulk discount: Get multiple totes & save! The discount will be applied at checkout. 
Save $20, when you get 2 Totes!


Tumbling-style composters are perfect where space is limited. Made from recycled, food-grade high density polyethylene plastic barrels & 100% recycled plastic lumber for frame.