American Larch Transplant
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American Larch Transplant

American Larch Transplant

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Larix laricina

American larch, also known as tamarack, hackmatack, eastern larch, black larch, or red larch, is a small to medium-size deciduous conifer tree.  American larch can tolerate a wide range of soil conditions but grows most commonly in swamps in wet to moist organic soils and prefers cooler temperatures.

2 yr. seedlings,12-18”

Growth Rate: Rapid (10-15+”/yr.), Moderate (6-10"/yr)

Soils: Acidic to Basic; Loam, Clay

Moisture: Moist, Moist-Wet

Shade Tolerance: Full Sun, Part Shade

Mature Height: 45-80 ft

Mature Spread: 15-30 ft

Deer Damage Potential: Low

Origin: Native

Uses: Fall Color, Naturalizing, Wildlife 

Special Notes: Loses needles in winter

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