Hedelfingen Sweet Cherry
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Hedelfingen Sweet Cherry

Hedelfingen Sweet Cherry

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Prunus avium 'Hedelfingen'

Sold as ¾” caliper, 5-6 ft. bare root tree. Requires cross pollination. Gisela 12 rootstock.

The Hedelfingen Dark Sweet Cherry is an old european variety good for gresh eating, freezing and canning. Fruit is large, firm and black. Trees are vigorous, healthy early bearing reliable producers that ripen midseason. It is quite crack resistant. * 

Soils: Loamy

Moisture: well drained

Shade Tolerance: Full Sun

Mature Height: 10-16 ft

Mature Spread: 10-14 ft

Deer Damage Potential: High

Arbor Day Tree reference

* info from Grandpa's Orchard.