Mycorrhizal Fungi Innoculant Root Dip
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Mycorrhizal Fungi Innoculant Root Dip

Mycorrhizal Fungi Innoculant Root Dip

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ROOTS® PHC® Tree Saver® is a comprehensive soil inoculant combining mycorrhizal fungi, beneficial rhizosphere bacteria and a naturally occurring isoflavone that increases root colonization by mycorrhizal fungi. Also included are Terra-Sorb® hydrogels to hold moisture in the root zone, humic acids, and various microbial nutrients.

For Transplanting Trees and Shrubs:

  • Soil inoculant * Not necessary for all soils or soil types. Only recommended for heavily disturbed soils. 
  • Improves soil hydration
  • Contains mycorrhizal fungi and rhizosphere bacteria

Mix into the backfill when transplanting trees and shrubs. Follow application rates based on the diameter of the planting hole, or on stem caliper according to the chart below. Mix product in a ring-shaped volume of soil around the upper portion of the root ball, extending from the soil surface to a depth of about 8 inches and extending from the root ball outward about 8 inches.

Application Rates:  Use one 3 ounce packet per caliper inch. Each packet good for 2-6 tree/shrub bare root seedlings.

* Best used before expiration date.

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