Washtenaw County 2021 Land Atlas & Plat Books
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Washtenaw County 2021 Land Atlas & Plat Books

Washtenaw County 2021 Land Atlas & Plat Books

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Plat Books are spiral bound, county map books accurately showing landownership, acreage, parcel boundaries, roadways, waterways, railways, section lines, and municipal boundaries.  

Historical map features such as cemeteries, schools, and churches may vary depending on the county, acreage of individual parcels, or date of publication. Some books include 3D aerial maps*, city and village maps, small tract information, rural addressing grid and other regional features such as park or trail maps, school district maps, soil maps and notable points of interest. Parcel and owner information in our plat books is only shown for rural areas. Areas within cities and villages may show some larger parcel tracts, but small parcel tracts are not shown.