Build a "Pocket Forest"!

Choose species from below to build your own "Pocket Forest" and get 30% off.
Pocket forests, or mini-forests, are created by densely planting a mixture of native trees, shrubs and groundcover plants in a small area, often in urban or suburban landscapes. Learn more at  

Species below are from our Spring Tree & Shrub sale. There is more information on each species on their product page. The quantities required totals to 20-30+ seedlings, depending what you select. This is based on the example of 36 trees & shrubs, 10-15 species, in 9 square meters in the Mini-Forests At Home: How to Guide by Green Venture

Build your select with a mix of 10+ species appropriate for your planting site:

  1. Choose 10 or more trees. 
  2. Choose 10 or more shrubs.
  3. Choose up to 3 packets of mixed seedlings (optional). 
  4. Get 30% off at checkout!!

** Pocket forests are a particular strategy and not appropriate for all sites, we recommend research and preparation for successful plantings of any kind!