Mix & Match Bundle Discount Coupons

Bundle coupons have been replaced with automatic Mix & Match Bundle discounts.

Some of our Tree & Shrub Distribution products have tiered pricing for each plant. Getting a larger bundle size will save money per plant.

In certain categories, you can get the tiered pricing if you get multiple species (in multiples of 10 or otherwise specified) within that category.  For example:

1 bundle of 10 White Pine
1 bundle of 10 Blue Spruce
1 bundle of 10 Norway Spruce
Totals to 30 bundles, so you'd get the discount to the 30 bundle size price. 

All available Mix & Match Bundle Discounts:

Copy the coupon you'd like to use below. You can paste it on the checkout screen. 

Must be multiples of 10 from the Conifer Transplant collection.
Any 3 bundles of 10 for $50      CONIFER30
Any 5 bundles of 10 for $70      CONIFER50
Any 10 bundles of 10 for $110  CONIFER100

Must be multiples of 25 from the Hardwoods collection.
Any 2 bundles of 25 for $50      HARDWOOD50
Any 4 bundles of 25 for $80      HARDWOOD100

Must be multiples of 25 from the Shrubs collection.
Any 2 bundles of 25 for $50      SHRUB50
Any 4 bundles of 25 for $80      SHRUB100
(Only applies to Serviceberry, Nannyberry, Gray Dogwood, and Pussy Willow).


* Unfortunately, each order is limited to one discount code. If you plan to use these discounts more than once, please do so in separate cart orders. 

** Does not apply to any trees/shrubs in the Native Plant Distribution.