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This Riparian Collection is comprised of native species well-suited to growing along the edges of waterbodies. We've created this collection as part of the DNR's Forest to MI Faucet (F2MF), which aims to highlight the relationship between forests and clean water. To benefit water quality and reduced runoff, please plant your trees near a waterbody to help reach our shared goal of planting 60,000 trees in riparian zones! Learn more about F2MF.

Whether it’s forested, farmed, or part of a wetland or a prairie, land protected through conservation easements will help protect our drinking water in perpetuity by forever limiting development on these valuable landscapes and reducing the conversion of natural spaces to impervious surfaces. Tools like Riparian Tree Plantings and Forest Management Plans can perfectly complement many conservation easements to build upon and multiply the benefits that protected lands provide to our drinking water.