Garden Kit - Pollinator
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Garden Kit - Pollinator

Garden Kit - Pollinator

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Pollinator garden kit (flat of 38 2" plugs)

Mix of different species (10 or more) geared towards feeding and attracting pollinators. Will plant a 4 foot by 10 foot garden space. Comes with design and species handout.

The Polinator garden kit planting layout is based on recommendations from the Xerces society ( The clusters of plants are recommended as it is attractive to pollinators and requires less energy of them to move between the plants. Additionally, the species are selected because they flower in florets without pollinators needing to expend energy between single flower heads. The species are selected for spring to fall blooms in order to provide nectar flow throughout the year.

  • Plants may include: Early sunflower, stiff goldenrod, false boneset, new england aster, swamp milkweed, purple coneflower, butterfly weed, bergamot, black-eyed susan, sand tickseed and horsemint*

* Species will vary each sale, you will receive a handout indicating which species are in your garden kit.