2022 Fall - Conifers

Our 2022 Fall Sale conifers are usually transplants, but we were unable to source larger transplants, so we are offering the biggest seedlings we could source. These conifers are great for windbreaks, wildlife, and more; see each below for more details.

Mix & match discount:
Discount applies to Conifers in multiples of 25 within same pricing. 
Mix: White Pine & Norway Spruce  OR
Mix: Concolor fir & Black Hills Spruce & Red Cedar & Fraser Fir
Click the appropriate coupon link below to apply to your cart. Or copy and paste the code at checkout. Discount will only show at final checkout. Only one coupon is allowed per order. 

Mix 2 bundles of 25 for the 50 price:
(click the appropriate coupon code)  

SEEDLING50-WhitePineNorwaySpruce OR

Mix 4 bundles of 25 for the 100 price:
(click the appropriate coupon code)  
SEEDLING100-WhitePineNorwaySpruce OR

Need support for the discounts? We recommend adding to your items to your cart and give us a ring, and we can ensure the discounts are applied: 734 302 8713