Garden Kit - Rain Garden
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Garden Kit - Rain Garden

Garden Kit - Rain Garden

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Rain garden kit (flat of 38 2" plugs)

Mix of different species (10 or more) geared towards wet soil tolerance and water absorption. The native plants that thrive in rain gardens have deep roots that help water to soak into the ground. They grow in wet and dry weather. These plants also support important habitats that can attract birds, butterflies, local bees, and other pollinators. Rain gardens help protect our nearby water bodies by filtering and soaking water back into the ground. Will plant a 4 foot by 10 foot garden space. Comes with design and instructions.

Species may include: Switchgrass, Blue Vervain, Swamp Milkweed, Boneset, Rattlesnake Master, Buttonbush, Ironweed, Tall Coriopsis, Cardinal Flower, Hibiscus (Rose Mallow), Blue Lobelia, Monkey Flower, Marsh Blazingstar, Mountain Mint, Foxglove. 

* Species will vary each sale, you will receive a handout indicating which species are in your garden kit.