American Chestnut
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American Chestnut
American Chestnut
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American Chestnut

American Chestnut

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Castanea dentata

American Chestnut is a large, fast-growing deciduous tree of the beech family native to eastern North America. It is often known as a victim of the chestnut blight** caused by an introduced fungus, and for the edible chestnuts. 

Current Sale Size: 18-24" bare-root seedlings.

NOTICE: This species is vulnerable to chestnut blight. Chestnut trees aren't generally susceptible until they are around 5 years old, which often means they won't reach sexual maturity to produce fruit. 

** According to the nursery these are 'Apparently Blight Free' with some resistance, as the parent trees are not infected and not showing signs of succumbing to the blight. These transplants have no genetic modifications. However, we can make no guarantees on long term survival.

Growth Rate: fast

Soils: Sand, Loam, Clay


Shade Tolerance: Full sun to Shade

Mature Height: up to 100 ft. (without blight)

Origin: Native

Deer Damage Potential:

Uses: Lumber, Shade, wildlife, ornamental, fall colors, food, birds, butterflies Plant Profile
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