Frequently Asked Questions

See below for common questions and their answers. If your question isn't answered here, you can contact Doug, Resource Coordinator, by email or phone: / (734) 302-8713 

Do I have to live in Washtenaw County to participate? 

Nope! We open the sales to anyone willing to drive to pick up trees and plants although we design the sale to serve the needs of residents in Washtenaw County.

Why are there two products of the same plant/species? 

In some cases, we are selling a plant product on the Tree & Shrub Distribution and the same species on the Native Plant Distribution. They are listed as separate products because they are from differing nurseries and pick-up dates are either April 23-24 for Tree & Shrub Distribution products or June 5th for Native Plant Distribution products. 

Are all the plants native to Michigan?

We did our best to label or tag all products that are Native to Michigan as such. Some are introduced, we should be tagged or mentioned in their description accordingly.

What is the Bundle Size?

Many of our Tree & Shrubs can be purchased in different bundle sizes. This is the quantity of the plant per bundle. The tiered pricing allows you to buy a bulk bundle for less per plant. It's best to choose the biggest bundle size that you're interested to buy, for example, don't buy 25 bundles of 1 plant, when you can get 1 of the 25 plant bundle.  

The quantity/bundle size that I want is not available, but smaller quantities are, can I get a larger quantity at the bulk price?

If the inventory isn't sold out, we can adjust to make a larger bundle size available. Contact / (734) 302-8713 with your request. 

How does the Mix & Match Bundle Discount work?

See this page for all the available Mix & Match Bundle Coupons.

Why did the checkout ask for my shipping information? Is shipping/delivery an option? 

No, shipping or delivery aren't currently options we offer. Our online store asks for shipping information by default. 

When & Where is the Tree & Shrub sale pick-up? 

See the Tree & Shrub Sale Pick Up information here

When & where is the Native Plan sale Distribution (and Expo & Marketplace)? 

 See the Native Plant Distribution & Expo information here.

Why don't you offer this (product/plant)? 

We're open to suggestions to meet the needs of our customers. Submit your suggestion here.

Can I submit an order that is tax exempt? 

Yes, please send your Michigan Sales and Use Tax Certificate of Exemption (PDF) to, and create an account on the online store. We will verify and mark your account for tax exemption and this will be applied to orders you make from that account.