American Beech
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American Beech
American Beech
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American Beech

American Beech

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Due to the potential for Beech Bark Disease affecting this species, we decided to no longer offer it in the 2023 Spring Tree & Shrub sale. 

Fagus grandifolia

American beech is a sturdy, imposing tree, 50-80 ft. tall, with a maximum height of 120 ft. it is a handsome shade tree and bears similar edible beechnuts, which are consumed in quantities by many mammals, and game birds. Unlike most trees, beeches retain smooth bark in age. Root system is shallow, so it is difficult to grow grasses under beech.

Current Sale Size: 1-2 year old seedlings, 18-24"

* Bundles of 25 qualify for Mix & Match discount, see Hardwoods collection for more information.

Transplant Establishment Difficulty: High
We do not guarantee plant survival. 

NOTICE: This species is vulnerable to the Beech Bark Disease (BBD) that has become prevalent in the upper peninsula and northern Michigan. Trees will be more susceptible if there are affected mature populations nearby. About 1-3% of American Beech is resistant to BBD, so we can make no guarantee for these transplants. 

Additionally, due to BBD, mature beech can be very susceptible to breakage, so it is not recommended as a landscape tree near to structures. More information.

Growth Rate: Slow (6-12" / year)

Soils: Sand, Loam, Clay

MoistureMoist to wet

Shade Tolerance: Full sun to Shade

Mature Height: 50-80 ft. tall, with a maximum height of 120 ft.

Origin: Native

Deer Damage Potential: High

Uses: Lumber, Shade, wildlife, ornamental, fall colors, food, birds Plant Profile
USDA Plant Profile