Bearberry (Arctostaphylos uvar-ursi)
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Bearberry (Arctostaphylos uvar-ursi)

Bearberry (Arctostaphylos uvar-ursi)

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Red Bearberry, or Kinnikinnick, is a trailing evergreen shrub, frequently seen as a ground cover in sandy areas. It can serve a dual role on sandy soils, as both a beautification plant as well as a critical area stabilizer.

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Shade Tolerance: Full sun to Shade

Moisture: Dry to Moist 

Soil Description: Rocky or sandy, acid soils.

Height: 6"-12" tall

Spread: up to 15'

Bloom Time: May

Color: Pink, White

Deer Resistant: 

Uses: Butterflies, Pollinator, Birds, Wildlife, Bees, Edible Plant Profile
USDA Plant Profile