Bottlebrush grass (Elymus histrix)
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Bottlebrush grass (Elymus histrix)

Bottlebrush grass (Elymus histrix)

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Elymus histrix, also known as Bottlebrush grass, is a highly versatile and resilient plant with unique characteristics. It is an ideal choice for conservation gardens, as it can thrive in a variety of conditions and provide valuable ecosystem services. Its long, slender stems and distinctive bottlebrush-like flowers make it a visually appealing addition to any garden. With its extensive root system, Bottlebrush grass is also highly effective in stabilizing soil and preventing erosion. Consider adding this plant to your conservation garden for both its aesthetic and functional qualities.

Shade Tolerance: Full Sun to Full Shade

Moisture: Moist

Soils: Loam, Clay

Height: 2-4 ft.

Bloom Time: July-September

Color: NA

Deer Resistant: Yes

Uses: Rain Gardens, erosion control Plant Profile
USDA Plant Profile