European Larch Seedling
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European Larch Seedling

European Larch Seedling

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Larix decidua

European larch is an introduced deciduous conifer. It has become naturalized in Michigan. European larch wood is durable and strong, of moderately high density, with excellent toughness and stiffness. It is used for pulp, framing timber, roof tiles, flooring, and log houses. Larch wood is resistant to rot, and is therefore valuable for posts,
poles, railroad ties, mine props, wharves, and pilings.

1 yr. seedlings, 6-12”

Growth Rate: Rapid (10-15”/yr.), Moderate (6-12"/yr)

Soils: Loam, Clay

Moisture: Moist, Moist-Wet

Shade Tolerance: Full Sun, Part Shade

Mature Height: 60-80 ft.

Deer Damage Potential: Low

Origin: Native

Uses: Flowering Fall Color, Naturalizing, Wildlife, Loses needles in winter

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