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Royal Empire Apple

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Malus domestica

¾” caliper, 5-6 ft.

EMLA-7 rootstock. 

The original seed was a cross between the varieties McIntosh and Red Delicious. Distinctly redder than fruit from standard Empire, with 90% of the surface covered with dark purplish and red stripes. Apples are red, juicy, firm, crunchy and sweet. Some resistance to mildew, fire blight and rust.

Growth Rate: Moderate (6-12”/yr.)

Soils: Sand, Loam

Moisture: Dry to Moist

Shade Tolerance: Full Sun

Mature Height: 12-15 ft.

Deer Damage Potential: High

Other: Very hardy and vigorous, productive, ripens in mid-September.

NOTE: Apples need at least two trees of different varieties for pollination.