Tumbling Composter
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Tumbling Composter

Tumbling Composter

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Tumbling-style composters are perfect where space is limited. Made from recycled, food-grade high density polyethylene plastic barrels & 100% recycled plastic lumber for frame.
  • 55-gallon capacity (7.3 cubic feet)
  • Assembled size: 36” wide X 36” deep X 46” tall—at hip level to eliminate back strain, easy to turn.
  • Only requires a 3 foot by 4 foot area.
  • Center tube & steel bars to break-up and fluff-up compost for better aeration.        
  • Low maintenance, nothing to clog.
  • Pest-proof, fully-enclosed, off the ground compost bin.
  • Best composting action is achieved in full sun, partial-sun minimum. 
  • Composter can be moved easily around the yard.
  • Avoids odor problems by controlling moisture and aeration in excessively dry or rainy areas.
  • Comes unassembled. See link below for assembly & use instructions.
  • 5-year warranty on materials and workmanship.

More information and installation instructions on the WCCD website.

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With proper installation, maintenance and use, rain barrels and tumbling composters should function properly. The Washtenaw County Conservation District assumes no liability for the installation, maintenance, property damage or injury that may be associated with the use of rain barrels or tumbling composters.