Photographer: Makin, Julie
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Photographer: Makin, Julie

Wild Plum (Prunus americana)

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American plum is a small, understory tree with fragrant, white flowers occurring before the leaves in spring. The fruit that follows ripens to a shiny, bright red in August or September. The plums are eaten fresh and used in jellies and preserves, and are also consumed by many kinds of birds.

Current Sale Size: 1 gallon pot

Shade Tolerance: Full sun to Shade

Moisture:  Moist 

Soil Description: Moist, rich, well-drained loams.

Height: up to 35' tall

Bloom Time: April, May, June

Color:  White

Deer Resistant: 

Uses: Erosion control, fall color,  Butterflies, Bees, Edible, Wildlife Plant Profile
USDA Plant Profile