Increase in inventory of Tree & Shrub potted plants!

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Increase in inventory of Tree & Shrub potted plants!

New in 2023 to the Fall Tree & Native Plant sale: Deciduous Trees & Shrubs!

Fall Tree Sale is primarily bare-root Conifers.
Historically we've always offered bare-root conifers in September, because they are evergreens they can be pulled from the ground and transplanted earlier in the fall. On the other hand, deciduous trees (ones that lose their leaves each fall), can't be transplanted bare-root until much later in the fall. Yet, the demand for deciduous trees and shrubs remains high, and the fall is a great time to plant them!

Demand for Deciduous! The solution?
This fall we're offering a limited selection of trees & shrubs in 1 gallon pots from WildType Nursery. We weren't sure how popular these would be and started with a conservative inventory to be sure we'd sell them all, and we were surprised! They all sold out within a week! 

Good news: 
We've upped our inventory to provide more of these Trees & Shrubs to you this fall! They will go fast.

Hungry for other species? Please request them from us to consider. Or shop around the local nurseries in our region

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