2024 Spring Tree Sale Updates!

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2024 Spring Tree Sale Updates!

The Spring Tree & Shrub sale is chugging along despite the cold of winter, we've sold nearly 50% of our planned inventory, some species have already sold out!

Shop the species and products still available here.

We've also received other updates from our nursery suppliers:

  • 1/17 - All the apple tree varieties have been graded by the nursery (they get their inventory and sizes of their stock), and the apples were upgraded to top grade: 1/2" caliper feathered (FTH) stock, meaning they'll have already have some mature branches. We had them previously listed as 5/8-3/4" prior to the nursery grading. 
  • 1/15 - Don't miss out on these partners' discounts on Riparian species
  • 1/12 - Unfortunately, the American Chestnut had a stock failure with our supplier, so we'll be sending some refunds for some customers. 
  • 1/12 - The nursery also had to reduce our Eastern Hop-hornbeam order, so we have fewer offered, get them while you can!
  • 3/7 - Nursery downgrade: Winterberry seedlings were listed as 12-18" were downgraded to 6-12".  

Sold Out:

Almost out:

  • 1/17 - Eastern Hop-hornbeam - due to reduction from supplier
  • 2/7 - spicebush
  • 2/7 - Norway Spruce
  • 2/7 - Alleghany Serviceberry
  • 2/7 Nannyberry

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