Bill Cook, Michigan State University,
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Bill Cook, Michigan State University,
Fraser Fir Seedling
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Fraser Fir Seedling

Fraser Fir Seedling

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Abies fraseri

Fraser fir, also called southern balsam fir and she-balsam, is a small- to medium-size tree native to the southern Appalachian Mountains.  Fraser fir is often used for erosion control, landscaping, and Christmas trees.

Sold as a 1 yr. old transplants, 7-12”.

Growth Rate: Slow to Moderate

Soils: well-draining, acidic, fertile; rocky, sandy, loamy

Moisture: Moist

Shade Tolerance: Full to Part Sun

Mature Height: 50-70 ft 

Mature Spread: 10-25 ft

Deer Damage Potential: Low

Originsouthern Appalachian Mountains

Uses: Ornamental, Christmas trees, Erosion Control, Winter Interest 

Special Note: Salt Intolerant

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