Bitternut Hickory
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Bitternut Hickory

Bitternut Hickory

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Carya cordiformis

A large deciduous tree, closely related to the pecan but without edible nuts. Bitternut hickory seeds are eaten by rabbits, and both its seeds and bark are eaten by other wildlife.

UPDATE Jan 12 - We originally advertised these as 18-24" for $8 each, but the nursery had to downgrade their size, so they will be 12-18" and $6 each. Bulk pricing is also adjusted.

Seedlings, 12-18”, 2 years old. 

* Bundles of 25 qualify for Mix & Match discount, see Hardwoods collection for more information.

Soils: Sand, loam, clay

Moisture: moist to wet

Shade Tolerance: Full sun to part shade

Mature Height: 50 - 80 ft.

Deer Damage Potential:

Origin: native

Uses: lumber, wildlife, shade, ornamental


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