Joseph OBrien, USDA Forest Service,
Photo Credit:
Joseph OBrien, USDA Forest Service,
Brett Marshall, Sault College,
Photo Credit:
Brett Marshall, Sault College,

White Spruce Transplant

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Picea glauca

White spruce, also called Canadian spruce and Black Hills spruce, is a symmetrical, compact, and slow growing evergreen conifer.  This tree prefers sun, but tolerates some shade and can establish in the shade of other species. This tough tree can withstand wind, heat, cold, drought, and crowding making it appropriate for a hedge row or an excellent specimen to try at a tough site, but it performs best in cool areas with sun and good air circulation. Needles may range from bright green to bluish green.

Current Sale Size: 3 year old bare root transplants, 10-16"

* Bundles of 10 qualify for Mix & Match discount, see Conifer Transplants collection for more information.

Growth Rate: Slow to Moderate (0-12" / year)
Soils: Sand, Loam, Clay
Moisture: Moist
Shade Tolerance: Full Sun to Part Shade
Mature Height: 40-80+ ft.
Deer Damage Potential: Low
Origin: Native (found mainly in UP & NLP)
Uses: Christmas Trees, Naturalizing, Wildlife, Windbreaks

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